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My name is Nathan Precup. I am a scrappy aerospace engineer who gets things done. Explore this web page to learn a little more about me and the things I work on!


Recently I quit my job as a flight test engineer to do something completely different. I moved to the midwest to work on the BICEP Array microwave telescope. Now I'm living at the South Pole deploying the telescope. I will be the winter-over engineer for its first year of operation. For two years prior, I was working as a flight test engineer at Quicksilver Aerospace. QuickSilver is a small company that supports and organizes flight tests for FAA part 23 and 25 certification. Specifically I was responsible for software and data system development, at least when I wasn't installing instrumentation and participating in flight tests. Before that, I was the Operations Manager at the University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory (UWAL), where they provide wind tunnel testing services for industry and academic research.


It is not hard to get me excited about the world around me. I am taking flying lessons to get my Private Pilot Certificate. Flight has always been inspiring to me, and it's about time I get myself in the air! In my spare time you might find me capturing night sky time lapse photography, running, or learning a new programming language. Back home in the Pacific Northwest you might find me hiking or climbing, scuba diving or sailing.
I believe that one should always be expanding their horizons. It's a big world out there. Let's go explore it.


I graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Aeronautics & Astronautics in 2011 and a MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics in 2018. I had the opportunity while studying as an undergraduate to work part time at a wind tunnel for over 3 years, spend a summer gaining hands on research experience working in a plasma thruster lab, and study aeronautics for several months in France.